How do I set up live Twitch streaming from RetroArch on a Pi 3?

By | January 24, 2018

I have been tinkering with Raspberry Pi’s for a few years now and have some experience with installs, command line and using SSH e.t.c…

I currently have Pi 3 with Retropie 1.6.3 installed and I can SSH into the Pi from my Mac OSX Machine.

I have been searching the internet for about two months in regards to live streaming from RetroArch to Twitch natively (no capture card just the Pi and RetroPie with RetroArch).

I have had no success.

I have some How managed to install FFMPEG (which most tutorials say to use for Twitch live streaming from RetroArch).

But when I try to configure the record/stream I cannot get this to work, (unable to select FFMPEG for RetroArch record driver).

I am going to be doing a fresh RetroPie Install before trying again.

Can someone please help me with this problem.

I need help getting FFMPEG or equivalent Recording for RetroArch and then be able to stream it directly to Twitch.

I want to be able to try this with lr-mgba, lr-gambette, lr-pcsx-rearmed, lr-snes9x2010 & lr-picodrive.

The following are some not all of the tutorials I have found but none have worked. In whole part or any combination. I have not even been able to record a video and save it to the Pi’s micro SD card.

Recording Live Gameplay in RetroPie’s RetroArch Emulators Natively on the Raspberry Pi

If anyone can shed any light or point me in the right direction that would be very helpful.


Please don’t complain or tell me about video stream quality issues, I really want to know if it can be done and see it in action even if it is a bit laggy and lumpy, seeing a £30 credit card size computer running a GBA for instance and streaming it to Twitch would be very impressive.